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SHIFT: Ask a Different Question- The Video

July 13, 2021
Back in 2019, Our Secure Future was awarded a grant by the Scintilla Foundation to create a TEDTalk style presentation titled SHIFT: Ask a Different Question. We designed SHIFT to challenge the dominant security narrative by demonstrating that the inclusion of women leads to better security outcomes. SHIFT shines a light on both the empirical evidence and powerful narratives that demonstrate how... Read more
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Women, Peace and Security for the Digital Age Highlights

May 27, 2021
Our digital lives are being shaped mostly by a small group of people working in big tech — and most of them are men. The gender divide at the heart of the world’s most powerful tech companies makes everyone – not just women – less safe online. In partnership with Foreign Policy, we convened accomplished digital thought leaders to assess solutions to rectify gender inequities within the technology... Read more
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Lessons From Gender-Blind Infrastructure

May 17, 2021
“Urban planning that fails to account for women's risk of being sexually assaulted is a clear violation of women's equal right to public spaces...” ― Caroline Criado-Pérez, “Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men” Urban planning and infrastructure may not seem like fields where gender plays a huge role, but it has a surprising amount of influence on our daily lives. We have a... Read more
Women in maritime Kenya

Developing a Strong Blue Economy: Lessons from Kenya

September 01, 2020
This is the second in a series of three blogs excerpted from our recent report on women in the maritime domain, designed to highlight the role of women in maritime industry and governance as well as the intersection of Women, Peace and Security and the maritime space. In recent years, Kenya and its coastline have been a target of destructive terrorist attacks, facilitated primarily from the sea... Read more
Podcasts for Peace

Podcasts for Peace and Security

July 22, 2019
In honor of summer vacations and long road trips, we’re recommending three podcasts that are giving us life! Each puts a unique focus on varying security issues; some shows dedicate more attention to the application of a gender perspective while others take a traditional or widely accepted notion and dissect the history behind it. We think you will enjoy them all, and we hope to bring you more... Read more