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Gender Equality: A Better Path to Security and Stability

June 22, 2021
In the middle of World War I, over 1,000 women activists across Europe organized a convention at the Hague to detail the link between women’s rights and international peace. In 1948, women played essential parts in drafting and completing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ensuring the inclusion of women’s rights. In 1979, feminists around the world succeeded in the UN’s adoption of the... Read more
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Gendered Racism and US Security

May 10, 2021
On Tuesday, March 16, 2021 a white man allegedly murdered eight people, six of whom were Asian women. Police made excuses for the suspect, saying he had had a “bad day.” The shooter told police that the murders had been an attempt to rid himself of the temptation that drove his “sex addiction,” and that they were not racially motivated. The police echoed this sentiment in early press conferences... Read more
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Black Women Peacebuilders throughout US Movements

February 19, 2021
Throughout US history, Black women have been at the forefront of social movements, yet their work is rarely recognized or included in our telling of American history. We at Our Secure Future are taking this Black History Month to celebrate the leadership of Black American women peacebuilders. The crucial work of these women is core to Our Secure Future’s mission.  While we could never... Read more
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The Curb-cut Effect in Peace and Security: Why Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Benefits Everyone

October 30, 2020
I hesitated to write this because so much has already been said about this topic by those more versed than I am. But, at the risk of mansplaining, I wrote this with the hope that my realization may also resonate with others who aren’t on board yet or know much about the WPS agenda. For those of you who don’t know about this policy agenda, Women, Peace and Security was codified internationally... Read more
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SECURITY ROUNDUP: How Women in Sudan are Charting a New Course

June 09, 2020
“One way I'm convinced the world is changing for the better, is through the role women are playing in all aspects of life. We see this now, more than ever, women are the backbone of our societies and they will lead us out of this current crisis and into the future.”  “So much has changed in Sudan and much has been as the result of the hard work of women. The massive and prolonged street... Read more