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The Curb-cut Effect in Peace and Security: Why Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Benefits Everyone

October 30, 2020
I hesitated to write this because so much has already been said about this topic by those more versed than I am. But, at the risk of mansplaining, I wrote this with the hope that my realization may also resonate with others who aren’t on board yet or know much about the WPS agenda. For those of you who don’t know about this policy agenda, Women, Peace and Security was codified internationally... Read more
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SECURITY ROUNDUP: How Women in Sudan are Charting a New Course

June 09, 2020
“One way I'm convinced the world is changing for the better, is through the role women are playing in all aspects of life. We see this now, more than ever, women are the backbone of our societies and they will lead us out of this current crisis and into the future.”  “So much has changed in Sudan and much has been as the result of the hard work of women. The massive and prolonged street... Read more
ISOA and OSF in conversation about women peace and security

SECURITY ROUNDUP: A Conversation with Our Secure Future and the Leadership of International Stability Operations Association

May 29, 2020
Since 2019, Our Secure Future has collaborated with ISOA to support their bold agenda to lead the security community in transforming how it approaches the Women, Peace and Security agenda (WPS), and improving security outcomes.  This is now more important than ever as the United States and the world strive to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. What follows is a discussion among Sahana... Read more
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The Parallels of Human Trafficking and Human Security

August 01, 2019
This week, as the United Nations Day Against Human Trafficking is recognized, we are reflecting on the nature of policy frameworks surrounding issues outside of the traditional security structure. Increasingly identified as a national security threat, human trafficking straddles the line between a crime against an individual and one against human dignity. Realizing the danger in a culture of... Read more
Podcasts for Peace

Podcasts for Peace and Security

July 22, 2019
In honor of summer vacations and long road trips, we’re recommending three podcasts that are giving us life! Each puts a unique focus on varying security issues; some shows dedicate more attention to the application of a gender perspective while others take a traditional or widely accepted notion and dissect the history behind it. We think you will enjoy them all, and we hope to bring you more... Read more