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TEDTalk Tuesday: Jody Williams

April 06, 2021
“In my view, what we need today is people getting up and taking action to reclaim the meaning of peace. It's not a dirty word. It's hard work every single day. And if each of us who cares about the different things we care about got up off our butts and volunteered as much time as we could, we would change this world, we would save this world. And we can't wait for the other guy. We have to do it... Read more
Women Peace Conflict Story

Perspectives on Peace

March 24, 2021
Recently, One Earth Future launched a series called Perspectives on Peace elevating some of the different voices, experiences, and expertise across OEF’s seven programs and highlighting their dynamic individual stories that contribute to our greater mission of peacebuilding. As March is Women’s History Month, the series began with a focus on women. The inaugural episode features OSF founder Cynda... Read more
Black Women US Activists Peacebuilders

Black Women Peacebuilders throughout US Movements

February 19, 2021
Throughout US history, Black women have been at the forefront of social movements, yet their work is rarely recognized or included in our telling of American history. We at Our Secure Future are taking this Black History Month to celebrate the leadership of Black American women peacebuilders. The crucial work of these women is core to Our Secure Future’s mission.  While we could never... Read more
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Women, Peace and Security: The first 100 Days and Beyond

January 20, 2021
The first 100 days of an incoming President are often an indication of their priorities and a benchmark for their success. The new Biden Administration faces a divided nation with a mix of security challenges-- a pandemic, cyber threats, climate change, human rights abuses, and terrorism. Not to mention, the recent attack on the Capitol in Washington D.C.  It is clear that we need to have a... Read more
Kamala Harris first VP-elect female

First Female US Vice President-elect!

November 13, 2020
At Our Secure Future, we work to remain bipartisan to support the Women, Peace and Security agenda. WPS in the United States enjoys support from both political parties, with leadership of the Congressional Caucus from Representative Michael Waltz (R) and Representative Lois Frankel (D). We also think it’s important to recognize this historic moment of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris! As the... Read more