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Male Allies Interview Series Women Peace Security

Introducing Male Allies for WPS Interview Series

November 20, 2020
Despite more than two decades having passed since the United Nations adopted Security Council Resolution 1325 to ensure the inclusion of women in all peace and security processes, women continue to be systematically excluded to the detriment of peace processes and the stability of states alike.   Addressing the multitude of barriers to women’s inclusion in peace processes requires... Read more
International Maritime Organization Women in Maritime

Gender Mainstreaming Success: Lessons from Jamaica

August 25, 2020
This is the first in a series of three blogs excerpted from our recent report on women in the maritime domain, designed to highlight the role of women in maritime industry and governance as well as the intersection of Women, Peace and Security and the maritime space. There are explicit interconnections between Women, Peace and Security, and the maritime domain in Jamaica, resulting in part from... Read more
mobilizing male partners for change wps

Mobilizing Men as Partners for Change

June 22, 2020
The Women, Peace and Security agenda, as laid out by UN Security Council Resolution 1325, presents many opportunities to transform the peace and security sector. First and foremost, to make formal peacemaking and peacebuilding processes and structures more inclusive, effective, and responsive to the needs and capacities of the entire population. Men are critical partners in this endeavor. Men... Read more
Men Engage Alliance feminist

Men Engage Alliance

September 26, 2019
“We envision a world where all people are equal and free from discrimination– a world in which gender justice and human rights are promoted and protected. In order to achieve gender justice for all, we believe men and boys need to be part of the solution as allies to women’s rights and other social justice movements. Equality is only possible if we work together.” In line with our Mobilizing Men... Read more
Ambassador Steve McGann women's rights

Feminist Friday: Ambassador Steven McGann

September 05, 2019
“To me that meant promoting human rights, and we all know that women’s rights are human rights, seeking gender equality and protecting vulnerable populations... those are pretty good bases for a national security framework.”Ambassador Steven McGann is the Founder of The Stevenson Group, a Washington, DC consulting firm that provides global solutions for economic growth and security. Ambassador... Read more