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Women Response to Poll


What women recommended


Women Peace Security Redefine

Redefine security

  • Consider differences in security needs among women
  • Take a holistic, long-term approach to discussions on security
Women Peace Security Bottom Up Approach

Take an Inclusive, Bottom-up Approach

  • Ensure 50/50 representation between women and in men in discussions of security
  • Develop and adopt participatory models to work with those who are directly affected
Women Peace Security Financial

Promote Economic Opportunity and Financial Stability

  • Invest in women’s entrepreneurship, promote employment opportunities for youth who may become perpetrators and/or victims of violence
  • Advocate for equal pay and opportunity for women
Women Peace Security and Governance

Encourage Good Governance

  • Fully implement laws and policies in practice and not just on paper
  • Regularly monitor/evaluate how policies are implemented and whether they are achieving objectives
Women Peace Security Infrastructure

Improve Infrastructure and Institutions to Promote Safety

  • Involve women in discussions related to the design of cities, transportation systems, workplaces, schools, and other spaces to understand what they need to feel safe
  • Develop and implement effective environmental protection policies and practices

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