Dear World, Move Us Toward Peace

The Dear World, Move Us Toward Peace letter project is a partnership between Our Secure Future and Empower Peace which showcases young women’s voices from around the world through letters sharing their personal visions for peace. For girls to grow to be negotiators, mediators or peacemakers, they need space to explore solutions and to understand they have the agency and capacity to be change-makers. The Dear World peace letter project is one small step towards amplifying women’s voices and supporting women’s full participation in international peace and security, which is a central goal of the women, peace and security agenda.

Letters from young women and girls around the world will be posted to every week starting in January 2017. Although English is a second language for many of these girls, their letters remain largely unedited in order to let the young women speak in their own voices.

We hope you will be inspired by these letters, and will consider sharing them or writing one of your own.

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